OBT vs TMC: The best way to book your business travel

White Papers 16 May 2018

Effective travel management lies in knowing when to use the various tools at your disposal –  when to ‘do it yourself’, when to use an Online Booking Tool (OBT) and when to turn to your trusted Travel Management Company (TMC).

When you have a growing business, even the smallest savings in cost and time can make a fundamental difference to your bottom line.

For many entrepreneurs, business owners or managers, the default position around managing your travel is a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach. Perceived to be considerably cheaper and faster, this DIY approach in itself can be challenging to manage.

Consider the half hour you have spent comparing flight costs and travel times, getting to the airport for your early morning flight, only to realise you have booked it for the wrong time, and you now have to pay to change it, not to mention wait for the next flight.

Consider the pain of having to reschedule your meetings because of that delay and the time it will now take to reconcile any unnecessary expenses as a result. If you charge by the hour, consider what it would costs to do your own travel instead of working with a Travel Management Company (TMC).

Knowing when to do it yourself, use an Online Booking Tool (OBT) or entrusting your travel requirements to a qualified TMC will deliver the savings in time and money you need to achieve business productivity and see a real return on investment.


Learn more with our full white paper on “OBT vs TMC: The best way to book your business travel”.