Uber and Lyft Sales usurp traditional car rental and taxis

Travel News 21 Oct 2016

Uber and Lyft made up more than half of total ground transportation transactions processed by expense management supplier Certify during the third quarter. The comparison was made in seven major U.S. cities in the third quarter.

Among the more than 10 million business traveller receipts and expenses analysed by Certify during the quarter, Uber accounted for 48 percent of ground transportation transactions and Lyft accounted for 4 percent. Last year, the two apps, when combined, outpaced each taxis and car rental companies in total transactions, the third quarter of 2016 marked the first time the ride-hailing segment passed taxis and car rentals combined.

Taxis made up 12 percent of ground transportation transactions processed by Certify during the third quarter, down 2 percentage points from the previous quarter. Car rental suppliers' share dropped 1 percentage point quarter over quarter to 36 percent, though it's worth noting that one car rental transaction provides the traveller with multiple rides.