Travellers want Companies to recommend Travel Apps

Travel News 01 Oct 2015

In a survey conducted by Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), travellers expect their travel managers to recommend travel apps. However, few companies provide this function. The findings have shown that only 17% of travellers had menu of travel apps recommended for them.

The report was based on 521 managed and unmanaged travellers who travel at least once in the past year. Among the participants, 95% of them own smartphones and more than 75% have downloaded travel-related apps on their devices.

The most downloadable mobile app are Navigation apps (e.g. Google Maps, Moovit) with over 54% of survey respondents say they download.

In second place, airlines and hotel apps are the most downloaded at 46% and 45% respectively.

In third place, third-party travel booking apps like Expedia and are downloaded by respondents.

Lastly, only 25% have itinerary management and ground transportation apps e.g. Uber and Grabtaxi. GBTA has suggested for companies with a managed travel program, to recommend TMC apps and influence good booking habits through preferred channels.