Hilton allows you to choose your room view with the help of Google Maps

Travel News 16 May 2016

Guests staying at Hilton hotels now have the ability to choose their exact room, and what views they can expect, following the integration of Google Maps into the online booking process.

Members of the Hilton HHonors loyalty programme using the HHonors app will now be offered more details about the hotel’s surroundings and their room’s potential view, before making a room selection.

The updated digital floor plans include detailed geographical information about the hotel’s surroundings, so guests can get a better idea of where available hotel rooms are located in relation to city streets, public transport, parks and other attractions. They can also see if there is a major road outside their window or if their room faces east toward the sunrise.

The map feature is now available on the Hilton HHonors iOS and Android apps and will be rolled out to Hilton’s websites this summer.

Members can select their room from 6am on the day of arrival. They will be shown a digital floor plan of the hotel with a green circle denoting available rooms. Along with the maps, guests can view photos and details of their hotel room.

And some hotels also allow guests to check-in automatically, using their smartphone as their room key.