GBTA releases October Traveller Index Findings

Travel News 01 Nov 2015

Millennials are nearly twice as likely to want to travel more for business than Baby Boomers (45% to 26 % respectively), and a strong majority of Millennials (57%) believe that technology can never fully replace face-to-face meetings to seal a business deal.

Additionally, Millennials are far more likely to rely upon social media to meet up with friends when traveling than Baby Boomers (46% to 17%) and are far less likely to want to use their personal credit cards to float business expenses (53% to 69%). In terms of travel amenities, if only one could be selected, Baby Boomers would strongly prefer to pay no fee to check bags (47% compared to 34% of Millennials), while Millennials want free Wi-Fi (30% compared to 17% of Baby Boomers).

The study also found that overall business traveller satisfaction with getting through airport security dipped over the past three months (from 55% in Q2 to 45% in Q3). Despite this drop, overall satisfaction levels with the business travel experience remain high (73%).

Given a choice, business travellers preferred getting past security easily (52%) compared to other airport amenities. However, smoothly sailing past airport security holds much more importance to Baby Boomers (59 %) and Gen Xers (56 percent) than to Millennials (35%). While almost one-half (48 %) of business travellers want free Wi-Fi at the airport, this is more important to Millennials (54%) than Baby Boomers (44%). Regardless of age, GBTA identified that two in five business travellers (39%) want airports to offer non-stop flights to their destinations.

Aside the results, there was a concern raised around confidence in the economy. The percentage of travellers who believed that the present times represent an optimistic economy dropped from 32 percent in quarter two to just 21 percent this quarter. This is despite the fact that travellers’ views of the health of their own company or industry remained virtually unchanged and much more positive. More than half of business travellers feel their own company is in excellent financial shape (62%) and that the overall health of their industry is excellent (51%).

It was also uncovered that travellers frown upon speaking on mobile phones in-flight. The study finds that nearly two thirds of business travellers oppose allowing passengers to talk on their mobile phones while on board an aircraft.